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Health Research Institute is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt educational trust that was originally incorporated in 1987 as the Lehrburger Charitable Trust (LCT) for the stated purpose of promoting physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual health.  With a philosophy that human well-being is dependent upon a healthy environment, Lehrburger recognized the importance and wisdom of applying both conventional and complementary approaches to health care.  Through research into the use of nutritional and botanical medicines, and the application of a wide range of therapeutic modalities, the organization is dedicated to health education and promotion in a manner that benefits both local and regional communities on a non-discriminatory basis.


The LCT was originally housed at the Jackson House – built by Eugenia Jackson in 1853 – where Lehrburger established a multidisciplinary center for the healing arts, replete with massage institute, medical clinic, botanical gardens and apothecary.  Recognizing the time-honored benefit of hydrotherapy and, more specifically, the quality and reputation of the artesian waters at Jackson Hot Springs, Lehrburger made a number of offers to purchase the neighboring Jackson Hot Springs over a period of eight years.  In 1995 the purchase of the thirty five acre development was consummated under the assumed business name Jackson WellSprings LLC.  During that same year the name of the non-profit trust was changed to the Health Research Institute (HRI) and the name of the property was changed to Jackson WellSprings. With the committed efforts of HRI’s board of directors and the members of the Jackson WellSprings LLC, the WellSprings campus is being designed as a botanical park and integrated healing community with a primary focus on human and environmental health education and restoration.

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